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Spend less and save more with our affordable and eco-friendly ebikes.

eWAKA helps you cut fuel cost by upto 50% and CO2 emissions by 90% with our diverse range of e-bikes.

A female rider on eWAKA Electric Jasiri

About eWAKA

eWAKA offers a revolutionary approach to transportation with its tailored electric last-mile services for rent or purchase, to both corporates and individuals perfectly suited for deliveries and commuting

Why Choose eWAKA?


At eWAKA, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to mobility. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

eWAKA's e-bikes parked at our Ngong Road Branch


- Explore a range of eco-friendly electric bikes.
- Tailored for efficiency and modern transit needs.
- Durable and high-performance models available.

Image of eWAKA's Website

Software Solutions

- Real-time tracking and geofencing for security.
- Remote control and driver behavior monitoring.
- Efficient route planning and operational reports.

eWAKA's technician helping a rider


- Regular safety checks for reliable performance.

- Replacement of wear and tear parts.
- Fine-tuning for optimal bike efficiency.

eWAKA's Team Support at an event

Customer Support

- Personalized bike selection assistance.
- Comprehensive training for riders and technicians.
- Continuous fleet support and efficient management.

A commuter on eWAKA Electric Imara

Experience the Future of Mobility with eWAKA

At eWAKA, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to mobility. Our electric bikes are designed to be efficient, customizable, and versatile. They are also environmentally friendly and come with a range of smart features.

Making last-mile transport effortless

Go - Green Corporate/personal

Our Partners

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Proudly sponsored by SECO Start Up Fund

Why Our Customers Love eWAKA

That bike is convenient, efficient, ah it's made my life waaay easier. Sina stress ya job that I used to have. It's a game changer for me, thank you.


eWAKA enhanced all my delivery operations through their personalized fleet management and strategic service centers.
 eWAKA is the best ever...

Okoth P.

The rider training offered as part of the partner program has been essential to having the riders better understand the tools of the trade and this helps keep maintenance costs low.

Greenspoon Kenya

Choose Your eWAKA Electric Bike

At eWAKA, we offer a range of electric bikes to suit every need. Browse our selection today and find the perfect bike for you.

eWAKA Shujaa electric bike

Shujaa 2.0

eWAKA in Numbers

Join the eWAKA community and experience e-mobility in Africa. Our electric bikes are efficient, and environmentally friendly. Make your last-mile delivery effortless!

eWAKA Collage, 2023

Awards & Recognitions

Tech4impact winner 2022
eWAKA Partners
Climate Launchpad swiss finalist 2022
Miller Center for Social Enterprenuership
Google for startups parcitipant 2023
SISTAC Participant 2023 /2024
Seedstarts Parcitipant 2024
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